"Captivated by Rainbow"...

Jason O’Brien is one of the most important, and prolific artists of our time, whose work is filled with depth, and a multitude of nuances.I was captivated by “Rainbow” and fell in love with the portrait years before it was featured on the series Queen Sugar, and it was clear then as it still is today, that Jason is an artist to be reckoned with, and a true master of his craft. ~Deidre Berry  - Riverside, Missouri

(Author of Contemporary Women’s Fiction)

"Instantly transformed"...

I have been following Jason O’Brien’s career for almost 30 years! He has always been beyond exceptional at capturing the imagined human body in all of its iterations while lending detail to texture and African inspired spirit. I was blown away upon seeing one of his original pieces in 2018 that was a clear departure from his previous works. The colors were mesmerizing and danced together in harmony in a way that lifted my being while maintaining the integrity of an abstract piece. I was finally lucky enough to own this artwork in 2019 and look forward to enjoying it for many more years to come. Anyone who encounters one of O’Brien’s pieces will be instantly transformed! - T. Mose - New York, N.Y

"I Absolutely love them..."

I have purchased two of Jason’s prints (Rainbow and Found in Translation) and I absolutely love them! They are simply beautiful on the entrance wall in my home. I was really pleased with the professional on-line purchasing process. I was provided with a receipt once the transaction was completed. I was also updated when the print process was started and when the final product had shipped. I live in Texas and the prints arrived carefully packaged and in perfect condition. I had the prints professionally framed by someone who works with giclee prints. My framer explained what was involved in the giclee printing process while pointing out the colors and texture of each print.  She told me the giclee prints were really high quality. Another customer saw the framed prints and was so impressed that he used his phone to access Jason’s website and ordered a larger size of both prints before leaving her gallery once he learned that he could not purchase mine. - R. Levine - Katy, TX

"It stood out among many works..."

I am the founder and curator of Multi-Art Events, a travelling art exhibit that hosts events in the French Riviera, and Monaco. We feature selected talented international artists to participate and we had  the pleasure of welcoming Jason in our 2018 exhibition hosted in Cap d’Ail, France. Jason's works reflect his personality and his work is excellent, we loved his piece “The Radiant Son”, which for me was a self-portrait, his technique of mixing colours all over the face catches the eye because it looks like the character is floating in an abstract universe. The human-condition is Jason's main goal and it stood out among the many works present at the exhibition. Jason's work was of interest because we felt observed by this character in his painting who never leaves your eyes no matter where you are in a room! Thank you Jason for joining our exhibition in cap d’Ail , he was one of the most noted artists and I can't wait to see his new work. 

Wendy Lauwers - Curator for Multi-Art Events - Monaco

"Evoke emotions of beauty..."

I purchased "Rainbow" directly from Jason O’Brien Gallery and I also purchased "Heaven is not Hard to Find" from another site. These pictures evoke emotions of beauty and pride. That’s how I pick my artwork- it has to evoke emotions. The artwork is excellent quality. When I received Rainbow, it was so well wrapped like they were shipping an egg. It’s showed how much pride and respect the gallery has in their art pieces. I hope to continue to do business with Jason O’Brien Gallery.  - Angela C. - Farmers Branch, Texas

"Moved at first site!"
As an artist and painter myself, there has not been many times that I have been moved to purchase a painting of another artist however, I remember the first time that I saw “Black Cotton”, I was so moved that I didn’t hesitate to reach out and purchase the first print when it was released! With its simple bold colours, the way it celebrates the beauty of natural black hair and the powerful but elegant stance of the woman, Jason was able to create a painting that I have been proud to hang in my home. As a father of a young black girl I love the natural imagery, strength and beauty that it represents and my daughter does as well. It will be something that will stay in my family for generations to come. Micheal Lambie
Micheal Lambie Interiors Inc., TV Design Expert - Toronto, Canada